a Solana NFT Collection

Welcome to the Blobby Boo Crew

The Blobby Boo Crew

The launch NFT collection will feature 4,444
digital blobfish swimming on the Solana blockchain. This will be split into two mint phases during 2022, with the first mint supply being 2,222.

The Blobby Boo Crew (BBCrew) is a community-driven organization in which collectors provide value back to the community and environment. Additionally, we have assembled an incredibly passionate and devoted team of like minded individuals, who all share a common vision of supporting decentralized finance and combating the effects of climate change.

The BBCrew collection offers a unique
opportunity to collect bespoke digital art pieces, while also supporting our oceans and our community.

We also hope to help raise awareness for the endangered state of the blobfish species.

About the Art

The collection will feature 200+ unique,
hand-drawn elements that will be algorithmically combined upon minting to create your very own “Blobby.”
All art assets are original works by UK artist Steven Reynolds, with hand-picked themes that we hope you love.

Collection Launch

Phase 1
Mint Date:
June 2022
Supply: 2,222

50 Reserved for Custom Mints
Collaborations, Giveaways, & Promotions

700 Spots Reserved for Whitelist
(3 Mints Per Wallet)

Remaining Supply will be Available for Public Sale

Mint Price: Solana (SOL)
Whitelist/Presale: 0.75 SOL
Public Sale: 0.95 SOL

Phase 2

Mint Date:
Q3/Q4 2022

Whitelist/Presale: 1.50 SOL
Public Sale: 1.90 SOL  

Details are subject to adjustment
prior to launch - check our DiscordTwitter for the latest updates!

Blobby Boo Crew Roadmap

Minting Phase 1:  June 2022

Secondary Market Listing:
Magic Eden After Mint Sold Out

$BLOB Staking Launch:
2 Weeks After Phase 1 Mint
Staking will be available for holders
to earn $BLOB (a Solana Token).
$BLOB will be used for NFT missions, mints,
and purchases within our ecosystem.

Blobby Feeding Frenzy Evolution:
2 Weeks After Staking
Use $BLOB to upgrade your NFT.
Send on a mission for a chance to bring back a pet
and increase your staking rewards!

Baby Blobby Boo Collection Launch:
4 Weeks After Evolution
Use $BLOB to mint Baby Blobbies for entry into our community DAO and access to DAO rewards.
Holding & Staking 2 BBCrew NFTs will earn
the amount of $BLOB needed to mint a
Baby Blobby on release!

Q2 - Q3 2022

BBCrew Brand Expansion
& Merch Releases

Baby Blobby Boo Community DAO Collection Releases

Additional Utility for $BLOB Token

Phase 2 Mint Release

Blobby's Digital Adventures
& More!

Why will Baby Blobbies
be Important?

Baby Blobby Boo Crew DAO
The Baby Blobby Collection will have limited
supply and unique royalties to benefit holders.
Owning a Baby Blobby will give members access to our DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

DAO members will participate in
decision making and receive rewards from the
BBCrew ecosystem development program.
The DAO will be responsible for launching future collections and projects to expand the BBCrew!

Ultimately, the goal is to provide a safe and legitimate program to create future community-driven collections.  

The future of our project is not limited to staking & breeding, but we feel these are solid mechanics to build the foundation of our project on. The DAO projects will also provide an opportunity for members to be involved and help us build something new.

That is the Blobby Boo Crew experience!

Mint Fund Allocations

The BBCrew team would like to be transparent to the community and release how the project funds will be managed. Be assured, we are here for the long term!

creative development

will be allocated to the
Creative Team for ongoing
project support,
future collections,
and merchandising.


blockchain development

will be allocated to
Blockchain & Smart Contract
Development for
collection evolutions
and new releases.


Marketing / Giveaways

will be allocated to
Marketing Promotions &
Giveaways, and to support
the floor market price.


ocean conservancy

will be donated to Ocean
to help protect
the ocean from pollution,
overfishing, and the effects
of climate change.


$BLOB Liquidity Pool

will be allocated to the
Liquidity Pool to stabilize the
$BLOB token price, and allow
holders to earn daily
Rewards from staking.

$BLOB Tokenomics & Utility

The total token supply is 444.4M, and will be distributed through staking and airdrops over 10 years.

staking rewards

Collectors will be able to stake
their BBCrew NFTs to earn
daily $BLOB tokens. Initially,
$BLOB will be used for
raffles/games, evolutions, &
the Baby Blobby Mint!


Marketing / Airdrops

After breeding launch, 222k
$BLOB will be airdropped to
holders of the BBCrew and
Baby  BBCrew collection.


$bLOB liquidity pool

Liquidity will be added after
breeding. 10% of the token Supply
will be Reserved for the
Liquidity Pool.


Creator Team

Creator tokens will be locked
for 6-months after launch.



will be held in reserve
for the Baby Blobby Crew DAO.

$BLOB is Designed as a
Deflationary Token.

Future evolutions, collections, &
merchandise from the BBCrew will
utilize the $BLOB token.

Tokens will also be burned in some of these cases.

1 $BLOB = 1 $BLOB


As daily users of crypto, it's sad to see scammers every week trying to steal our cryptocurrency by means of rug pulls, wallet drains, or low effort/stolen art.

Our goal is to provide a legitimate and safe experience to owners of the BBCrew collection.

Our project is under contract with Rad Rugs to review development prior to launch, and we have been KYC'd (doxxed) through Assure Defi as this is important to us.

Even still, please continue to do your own research, and reach out to our team with any questions.
Come meet us in our Discord!

We have hired a professional web 3.0/blockchain development team to ensure smooth & scheduled updates.

We hope to deliver new NFT mechanics and make the BBCrew Collection stay relevant as this space continues to evolve.

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